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Get to Know Bloom and Grove

Meet Jaclyn

Creative Director and Owner, Jaclyn McLaughlin, grew up in the floral industry. She has fond memories watching both her mother and grandma run their flower shops. Always compelled towards the arts, she earned her BA in Humanities, which allowed her to take a high volume of both literary and visual arts classes. Jaclyn went into teaching and coaching at the secondary level for 10 years, but knew deep down she wanted to get back into the floral industry. With that desire, she created Bloom and Grove. Jaclyn's reputation for inspiring designs quickly spread like wildfire, and with that flame, she has forged her own exciting path in the floral industry.

There was an awakening somewhere between binge watching Cake Wars, a pandemic, and a podcast, that catapulted me into the world of bespoke and inspiring floral design.

What could I possible mean?

I love dreaming, problem solving, and seeing ideas come to life. While watching an episode of Cake Wars, I found myself saying something to the effect of, "these people spend so much time and talent to make something so incredibly powerful, that will literally be eaten. What a waste!"

But secretly, deep down, I was totally impressed and inspired.

The very fleeting nature of time, like grains of sand slipping through your fingers, is the thing that compels me to create powerful floral moments. Moments that take your breath away, that demand your attention for that very moment. Though time continues to march forward, inspiring floral designs stop time, just for a moment, and bring us to an awareness to live fully present in the moment. . 

Inspiring design stops time and invites you to be fully present in the moment.

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