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Prom Flower Guide - What's Hot and What's Not

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

I can't believe I'm saying this, but thank you Gen Z. You brought the handheld bouquet back in style for prom, and we are grateful.

I think back to my own prom, and I didn't even want to wear a corsage back then. They were itchy and cumbersome, you didn't know how to position your wrist, and well, you knew you were going to break an orchid before the night was over.

It is refreshing to see handheld bouquets, which we love, make it back on top.

Bloom + Grove owner and designer, Jaclyn, shares insight into the world of handheld bouquets, covering on trend, up-and-coming, and a few styles we recommend passing on.


Posy Bouquet

The posy is a petite floral arrangement that can easily be held in one hand. Traditionally, they are round, floral-focused, and tied with ribbon. Here at Bloom + Grove, we think the rules can be broken from the traditionally tight ball of flowers look and really be something quite unique. Whether you accent with long ribbons, monochrome color palates, tropical, or mono-florals, you can truly make your style your own with the right posy design.

Why we love it: It is easy carry, and can effortlessly complement your dress.

Things to consider: You will want to coordinate with your group and find out what size bouquet others will carry. If one girl is carrying a pageant bouquet, while you have a posy, it could feel like she just won Miss America standing next to you. And on Prom, every girl should feel like a star.

Cost: $-$$ Pricing will be determined by flower and greenery choice. The great thing about a posy bouquet is you can feature a high dollar flower without spending a fortune. Smaller designs hold fewer flowers, which in general, means lower costs.

Nosegay Bouquet

The nosegay is quite similar to the posy, but it contains more greenery. This bouquet is also small in size and can be held in one hand. Nosegay bouquets tend to feel a little more rustic and earthy due to the emphasis placed on the greenery.

Why we love it: Again, this is an easy to carry single handed bouquet. Translation, it's easy to dance, take photos, chow down on some cake, and make fun memories while holding onto your flowers.

Things to consider: Definitely group pictures. Make sure you coordinate with your group. Also, think about your dress style/theme. You will want to tell your designer what theme/style you are going for, so they can capture your idea with flowers.

Cost: $-$$ This is another affordable style, and will depend on flower choice, greenery, ribbon. We recommend consulting with our designer about the things that matter the most to your style. Having a photo of something you like is helpful when discussing your vision!

Hand-tied Bouquet

Hand-tied bouquets are the beloved in the world of floral design. They are bigger than your posy an nosegay bouquets, filled with assorted flowers and greenery. Sporting a looser construction, they give flowers the appearance of coming straight from a garden which is the most on-trend look for floral design. Hand-tied can vary in size and overall appearance, making it a versatile and customizable design.

Why we love it: This design creates a whimsical and elegant look, boosting your style in an effortless way.

Things to consider: Your grip strength. These bouquets are bigger, so by nature, they will get heavier over time! Talk to your florist about size. You might want something in-between a nosegay and hand-tied bouquet.

Price: $ - $$$ Price will depend on size and flower choice. Whimsical flowers such a peony, garden rose, pincushion, ranunculus, anemone cost more than tea roses and carnations. We are happy to guide you to the best design option based on your vision and budget!


Pageant/Presentation Bouquet

This style features long stems and is designed to fit in the crook of your arm. It is classy, effortless, and a total show stopper. From boho to glam, it just looks great. If you want to feel like you are walking down the red carpet, this style is for you!

Why we love it: This bouquet makes for absolutely stunning pictures, and will definitely create a dramatic, show stopping look.

Things to consider: You are going to need to set this bouquet down while you get down to some cupid shuffle.

Price: $ - $$$ Pricing for a pageant bouquet can actually be quite affordable. Depending on the flower choice and quantity, you can create a dramatic look for a fairly reasonable price! We think this style is going to gain a lot of popularity over the next few years, so why not get ahead of the trend?!

Hoop Bouquet

The hoop bouquet is basically a small wreath made of wood or metal, and loaded with flowers, greenery, and ribbon. They can be made with real or faux flowers, so if you are the sentimental type, you can keep your bouquet long after prom is over!

Why we love it: Hoops are fun and eye catching, without being over the top. They are easy to carry, and can set your style apart without feeling like you are at a wedding.

Things to consider: Your group. We recommend coordinating with the other girls. Doing all hoops for pictures would look awesome.

Cost: $ - $$ This is an affordable design, but faux flowers will cost more than live. If this is a bouquet you would like to keep around for a long time, it is totally worth a few extra dollars.


Cascade Bouquet

The cascade bouquet does exactly what you imagine, flowers and greenery cascade downward like a waterfall. This is an ultra wedding-esque design, and remains a popular choice for brides. You can achieve a whimsical fairy-tale like look without looking like you are walking down the aisle. We recommend leaving this one for the brides.

If you love this look, we recommend choosing either a hand-tied or pageant bouquet instead!

Pomander Bouquet

The pomander is a tight round bouquet ball that is attached to ribbon or rope for carrying. These bouquets give off a flower girl vibe that is hard to shake.

If you want something fun that can be carried, we recommend a hoop bouquet instead! These feel way more prom aged, and can be absolutely stunning!

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