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© Ivan Garcia Studio

Timeless Elegance
Naturalized Designs

Inspired by the beauty of  nature.

Jaclyn and her team create enchanting floral design and installations for weddings, events, and special occasions.

We offer a premium experience for clients looking for relaxed, natural florals that exude timeless elegance. We don't just sell flowers; we create romantic arrangements that help bring meaning to your story. Let's work together and create something truly beautiful that will leave a lasting impression.

© Ivan Garcia Studio

Hi there! I’m Jaclyn, the Creative Director and Boss Lady for 
Bloom and Grove.

Creating Bloom and Grove has been an incredible and humbling experience. You can read more about our story and journey here!

© Ivan Garcia Studio

© Ivan Garcia Studio


A little about our design services. We offer both full service experience and a la carte florals for couples seeking a trusted floral expert to bring their vision to life. Our clients love our timeless, naturalized, airy style that has become known as the Bloom and Grove look. Ready to learn more!? 

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Get our Ultimate Service and Pricing Guide!

Want to learn more bout working with us? Our Ultimate Guide coevers everything from style, process, and pricing. Our clients and coordinators love this!


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© Ivan Garcia Studio

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